Dessy Bridesmaids

Now is the time to dress your bridesmaids, find the perfect dress or dresses to compliment your beautiful gown and your wedding theme.

Bring your bridesmaids in to see our chic, versatile and gorgeous dresses by Dessy. Our range of dresses offer the for your bridesmaid to most importantly feel comfortable and stylish, with sizes range from 00-30 in up to 65 colours. This therefore offers the ability for your bridesmaids to all wear the same or to mix-and-match dresses and colours, the possibilities are endless.

Create that one-of-a-kind look for your big day!


Our Bridesmaids Samples 

2988 Mist
3012 Mist
3014 Burgundy
3015 Cameo
3039 Moondance
3041 Morning Sky
3045 Desert Rose
3046 Merlot
3058 Sienna
3061 Taupe
6758 Midnight
6760 Sea Grass
6766 Mist
6777 French Truffle
6808 Moondance
6817 Chelsea Grey
6818 Porcelain Pink
6822 NYC Yellow
8151 Sailor Sapphire
8185 English Rose
8186 Desert Rose
8188 Desert Rose
8198 Icelandic
8200 Silverstone
D760 Cameo
JP1001 Midnight
JP1002 Silverstone
JP1007 Silverstone
JP1008 Oyster
JP1009 Mist
JP1021 Mocha
JP1022 Dream
JP1023 Lemon Drop
JP1024 Oyster
JP1025 Moondance
JP1037 Bliss
JP1039 Sweet Melon

Email for more information on our Dessy Bridesmaids selection, information such as; size of sample or price is available for each dress!