10 Tips on choosing the right accessories to suit your Dress


Are you a Cinderella princess or bohemian babe?

Your dress will obviously be of a certain style which reflects your personality and sets the tone for the day- so why should your accessories be any different?

If you’re getting married in a forest with a tipi reception in barefoot, I doubt you will be asking Katie Price to borrow her crown? Be sure that your head piece and jewellery reflect the style of your dress and over all wedding vibes.

Headwear aside, jewellery can be the trickiest element of styling- so first up lets talk earrings. An earring with a drop (small or large) will elongate the neck FACT. Think swanlike ballerina feels.

A statement earring can look amazing with most dresses, just be sure to get the style right- if your dress is plain and elegant, go for sophisticated, delicate, diamond details over gold stars and moons.

Statement earring not your thing? A simple stud or nothing at all is just as affective as your ears dripping with diamonds. There is definitely something to be said about less is more, just make sure whatever you go for is in keeping with your over all bridal look and you stay true to your taste.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO WEAR A NECKLACE. The amount of brides I have spoken to at their final fitting who wrap a necklace around their neck only to feel it isn’t right with the dress, but feel that they have to wear one- the solution to this is simple – you do not have to wear one!! Necklaces don’t always work with a dress, a bateau neckline for example, framing your décolletage (fancy word for collar bones) oh so perfectly, is in absolutely no need of a necklace, subtle or not, a necklace in this instance is certainly not necessary. On the other hand a necklace can look stunning when paired with the right neckline:

V-neck – Go Slim Pendant

Sweetheart – Go Pendant or curved short statement necklace.

Off the shoulder – Anything goes

Straight accross ( strapless or off the shoulder) – chokers look awesome.

Bateau neckline- If you REAAAALLY have to wear one, go super simple

If you are wearing accessories on the big day, be sure to do the safety check before making any purchases- Its super quick and simple, but will stop you from having any jewellery related dress damage on the day! Any jewellery you buy, be it bracelets, shoe clips, necklaces; or anything likely to come into contact with the dress.

Be sure to have a fabric sample with you when picking them and simply brush the fabric sample across the jewellery – if it catches then steer clear!!! The last thing you want is a bracelet tearing a hole in the front of your dress on the morning!

Avoid going overboard!

Most brides have an inner-magpie that seems to come out to play as soon as accessories are on the cards- Just remember less really is more. And if you are opting for a statement piece, that doesn’t mean everything has to be a statement (unless you really are going for the full on Cinderella look then knock yourself out girl!).

If your dress has a lot of detail on the top and a very plain bottom, you don’t want to keep adding detail on top of detail as your whole look will then become unbalanced. And remember- YOU are the main focus, as nervous as you are and may like the idea of hiding behind a layer of Tulle and a pair of Pat Butchers earrings- you really don’t want to be over powered, your guests are here to see you after all!


So you have chosen your dress, AMAZING!

Now you’re onto styling your dress, EXCITING! But hold on- how are you having your hair, oh and what about makeup? Are we going for a deep red lip and dramatic smokey eye with enough hair spray in your bee hive that you are a literal fire hazard or do you want people to question whether you really did wake up like that?

Choosing headpieces, jewellery and veils can be hard if you don’t know how your having your hair or makeup. What I would suggest is do your research first- Pinterest boards obvs- talk to your hair and make up artist about what is possible for your hair type so that you have realistic expectations.

Once you have decided on a look try to book in your hair trial for the same morning that you do your accessories shopping. This way when you go to try everything on, you can see exactly what it would look like rather than it being down to guess work and hoping for the best- listen to your artists too- they may suggest certain things that they are aware of because of their profession, that you may not have even considered!

This one might seem obvious but worth mentioning

 It is important that the colourings/ type of bead match what you already have in your dress and perhaps in other elements of your wedding styling. Is your colour scheme very much luxurious golds and warm tones- then perhaps a silver diamanté accessory set isn’t quite right.

With so many options out there now be sure to go for the one which nods to the colours already there.

Jackets, Jackets, Jackets

 I could write an entire essay about jackets but for now I’ll try and keep it simple with just 2 tips

Firstly, are you wearing a jacket to simply keep you warm or add some style to your outfit? If it’s for the latter then all I can say is think outside the box…

Often brides think of jackets as being old fashioned cover ups- well not any more ladies! Faux fur, biker jackets, denim jackets, knitted cardies with tassels- all acceptable and a super cool touch for the modern bride!

If on the other hand it is purely for warmth, and won’t be seen in all of your photos, a faux fur wrap or an ivory pashmina from your local House of Fraser will do the job just fine – there is no need to spend £800 on a bespoke jacket if it isn’t a key part of your styling.


If anybody knows me they will know I am a huge fan of colour, and if you are currently questioning whether a coloured jewel on your wedding day is appropriate and whether it will work or not – the answer in my opinion is most definitely a YES.

All I will say is, keep it real – a sapphire drop earring to compliment your sapphire engagement ring – hell, yes! A Claire’s accessories titanic mock up necklace – probably not so much.

Remember these are just tips and guidelines; Your wedding day is all about how you feel and what you love!