Tips on how to get it right

  • If you have chosen a gown with a dramatic back feature whether it be a low back, beautifully detailed back or just a really stunning silhouette achieved through a fishtail down combined with a stunning train; try a full length one tiered veil.
    This will frame the feature or silhouette- contributing to its beauty. A shorter veil with more than one layer can hide this part of the dress and often disrupts the beautiful shape

  • Is your dress a symmetrical design or an a-symmetrical design?
    When choosing your head piece, try and compliment this design. For example if your wedding dress is very central, opt for a central tiara or head band or if your dress gathers to one side compliment it with a comb.

  • Whatever you choose to wear in your hair, try and keep to the style of your dress; so if your dress is very boho-chic, a ring of flowers or a hair fine will work beautifully.
    If you have a very traditional princess dress go for more of a traditional tiara.

  • If your wedding dress has a certain type of beadwork for instance it may use pearls or swarvoski crystals; if this is the case try and find accessories which incorporate the same beading- this will compliment the dress beautifully!

  • Often brides who have a dress with little or no detail, they aren’t too sure what accessories will best compliment this look. The truth is, when this is the case – anything can work! Your dress is simple enough that real statement jewellery will not detract from the dress but rather add to it.
    At the same time, really simple accessories will also work beautifully with your chosen style, so the choice is yours!

  • Is your dress strapless? If so a matching necklace and earring set will really finish off your look.
    Either keep it simple with some studs or gentle drop earrings with a dainty pendant necklace OR if you prefer to make more of a statement, choose from either your earrings or your necklace to make the statement and make the other one simple; A statement earring combined with a statement necklace can make you look too busy.

  • If you know how you want your hair but haven’t yet chosen your accessories, try and have your hair trial on the morning of the day you plan to go accessory shopping. This way you will be able to try on a range of styles with your hair as it is going to be on the day so you will know for sure if something is going to work or not.

  • When choosing a veil, consider the fabric your dress is made from; if your dress is satin, a satin-edge veil will really finish off your look!
    If your dress is very sparkly- consider a veil with scattered crystal to compliment this.

  • Love lace? The right lace dress/ lace veil combo can look stunning; there are just a couple of things to consider when choosing the right veil: Are the laces a close enough match that they work together in completing your outfit?
    How heavy is the lace on the veil alongside the lace on your dress? You don’t want to start looking overpowered by lace!

  • These are all just tips and guidelines. It is your day so choose whatever it is that you love and that makes you feel beautiful.
    Have fun and happy accessory shopping!